“You can too!”

Children’s Development Support Foundation


The establishment of the Foundation was initiated in early 2020 by the founder Joanna Zofia Brzeżańska.

Operation area

The headquarters of the Foundation is Puszczykowo in Poland. We operate in the whole Poland and also abroad.

What were the motives us to found the

“You can too!” Foundation?

We are foster parents ourselves and we know very well how difficult it is, to be such a family. Foster parenting is not an easy way of life and you cannot always count on help, either for adopted children or for yourself. Our initiative comes from the belief that everyone, especially “you too” can support us, and we can support foster families in many ways.

Our Goals

Our foundation has two goals in the statute

Goal No 1

Support in difficulties

Support for parents and children in foster care, in their everyday care and educational problems.

Goal No 2

General support
Supporting children and families in foster families, adoptive families, orphanages, family orphanages, emergency care and families in need of any form of support.


Our support is expressed through the following activities

Children’s rights protection

Actions to protect the Children Rights, to protect the child against harm and violation of his basic rights and interests.

Time management

Organizing time in particular helping parents and guardians of children from foster families, especially those affected by developmental and educational problems.

Legal Assistance

We are offering legal assistance in terms of childcare. Often, when looking after a child, you may need legal assistance from a lawyer.

Working together

Working together in a family and non-family environment so that the relationship between parents and children is going well.

Research Initiatives

Undertaking social and research initiatives in cases of educational issues in foster care and other forms of care.

Fight against social exclusion

Fighting social exclusion by providing and developing educational and cultural rules.

Building of Value System

Supporting and developing self-esteem and the pursuit of independence in adulthood.

Financial assistance

Funding scholarships, especially for talented children and young people from the poorest families.

We invite all interested parents in foster care to contact the Foundation

If you would like to support the Foundation

You should know that the foundation’s revenues come from various sources and you can do it in many ways:

Donations, inheritance, bequests

Subsidies from legal entities

Public collections

Foundation’s assets

Bank deposits and interest

I would like to

Foundation address

Children’s Development Support
Foundation “You can too!”

ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 5
62–040 Puszczykowo

Foundation data

NIP 783–18-23–943
REGON 387006600
KRS 0000858995

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The Foundation operates throughout Poland and abroad.

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